The following pages provide information about illegal adult website content, attempts by the government to censor the online adult entertainment industry, and other legal issues to consider if you intend to run an adult website. By using this webpage in any way you agree that you accept our Terms and Conditions.
  • The Child Online Protection Act of 1998
    The Supreme Court will hear the Justice Department's appeal of the COPA - this will be a landmark decison for freedom of sppech on the internet. Support the ACLU on this one.

  • Obscenity
    Obscene content on your adult website or home page is a punishable crime in the United States. What actually constitutes "obscene" content is not clear from the law and varies widely in different communities in the United States. Being prosecuted for violating obscenity laws is a very real threat to all webmasters who have adult websites.

  • Child Pornography
    Displaying child pornography or "kiddie porn" on the Internet is illegal in the United States. Exactly what constitutes "Child pornography" is not clear - several categories of content exist that may or may not constitute child pornography, depending upon the circumstances.

  • Copyright and Trademark
    If you do not own the pictures, images, or logos on your adult website, someone else probably does. This is a useful list of links to legal information websites that discuss copyright and trademark in the online context.

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